Mercury Sun Venus

Hold On!

by Craig Olson

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(free) 04:30


released October 15, 2003

All songs written by Craig Olson
Craig Olson Music, ASCAP
Cover Art by Joanna Powell Colbert




Craig Olson Washington

Beloved folk-rock troubadour on the festival circuit since his debut release "Beyond the Cedar Moon", Craig Olson brings hope, laughter, and a positive perspective on the trails we walk. With 4 CD's, a European tour, and countless shows in the US, his music is at once breathtaking and yet familiar. A true mirror of our times. ... more

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Track Name: Hold On!
We've got to raise our voices, and make some noise!
It really comes down, to a simple choice.
Either get busy living, or prepare to die.
Put your hands on the wheel, let's take a ride.

Believe in the magic,
Believe in the dream
Believe in yourself,
You got to shout it and scream

Hold On! We're not done yet
Hold On! and you can bet we're gonna
Hold On! Don't give up. You've got to
Hold On! Believe in love.

For every "yes" in this world, there's a hundred "no's."
For every ten dreams that die, there's only one that grows.
It makes perfect sense, when you think about it.
I want to stand on the mountain top and shout it.

Believe in the magic
Believe in the dream.
Believe in yourself
C'mon, shout it and scream (Chorus)

(angular rock guitar solo over weird vocals)

(self-indulgent rock guitar solo)

(more self-indulgent guitar solo with chorus vocals)
Track Name: The River
The River starts as one drop of rain
falling from an endless sky
flows through mountains toward an ancient sea
where we may laugh, dance or cry

and it's all so beautiful
it pierces my heart.

Well do ya know, can't you feel there's no
reason to be looking anywhere beyond
what we have right here means everything.

Earth and Waters for the Sons and Daughters of the River
Fire and Stones from the flesh and bones and the blood
Dark and Light through the struggle and fight for the River
Below and above there's a river of Love.

Sons and Daughters of this magic wheel,
drawing down the sacred Moon
into this place where fragile hearts collide
to learn what's false and what is true.

and it's all so beautiful
it pierces my heart.

Well, do ya know can't you feel there's no
reason to be looking anywhere beyond
who we are right here means everything. (Chorus)
Track Name: All My Relations
In the morning when we rise
face the east and greet the day
a new beginning, the slate is clean
can you hear all our relations say

We are with you always
We are with you now.

In the noontide when the world is warm
face the south and greet the sun
warming fires in our loins grow strong
all blessed voices sing as one. (chorus)

In the evening when twilight comes
face the west and greet the sea
joy and sadness flowing through our hands
waters flowing through you and me (chorus)

In the darkness when light is gone
face the north and greet Thee Earth
all the tress and stones are singing now
to savor one last breath. (chorus)
Track Name: Build This House
There are about a million words to this tune. I am looking for the file right now!
Track Name: Pick One Thing
Pick One Thing

Is it magic? Is it beautiful?
Is it only a waking dream?
Is it crazy? is it wonderful?
is it really everything it seems?

Pick one thing that's not like the other
Taste one heart, the soul of your lover.
Choose one dream from all the infinite choice.
Pick on thing that's not like the other
Choose one road, Sister and Brother.
Don't look back, sing with your own true voice.

Am I dreaming? Am i sound asleep?
Am I standing on the edge of time?
Am I swimming through an ancient sea?
am I walking across the thin white line? (Chorus)

(Guitar Solo)

(Outro scat over Chorus)
Track Name: Whatever We Believe
Whatever We Believe

I've never been one to complain too much
but I don't like what I see.
Everybody's posing with hands on their hips
sayin' "what's in it for me?" Some people say
"don't you fuckin' losers mess with me like that,
don't you know who I am?"
Ain't no free lunch and no one rides for free
just shut your mouth and step back.

We create whatever we're dreamin' of
and we become whatever we really love.

I've done my best to make sense of this
but I have to admit
It's anyone's guess what happens next
it might all turn to shit.
All I know is that everything comes back
with each turning of the Wheel
No use pretending it'll be alright
c'mon and get real. (Chorus)

(instrumental bridge)

(Guitar solo)


(More guitar solo - emulating Joe Walsh's "talk-box" on the seminal 70's hit "Rocky Mountain Way". Peter Frampton did a similar thing with "Show Me the Way" but Pete's was totally lame,due to a cheesy tone, imho.)
Track Name: All the Time
I saw you alone last night
you were looking the other way
and you didn't see me.
I could tell there was something on your mind
someone you left behind
but I might have been dreaming.

I can feel your heartbeat
so close it feels like mine
I can hear you singing, All the Time.

Can you tell me what's on your mind
You're looking so far away
and I want to understand.
I will be here for you
nothing else I'd rather do
than hold you close to me.

I can feel your heartbeat
so close it feels like mine
I can hear you singing, All the Time.
Track Name: Ancient River
Ancient River, deep and ageless,
ever flowing to the sea.
Ancient River, source of life's blood.
Will your body carry me?

Standing at the crossroads. Where do I go now?
Nothing is certain and it's hard to see.
A moment of decision, a quiet leap of faith,
until the endless River, washes over me. (Chorus)

You were only joking when you told me all was well.
Something snapped inside and you were lost.
But don't forget the feeling we shared so close inside.
Wwhen all is done this life is worth the cost. (Chorus)

(Chorus 2)
Ancient River, wild and restless,
ever moving through my heart.
Ancient Lover, flesh is quivering.
While seeking light we embrace the dark.

And everything that I believe
comes into question.
And every love I've ever known
is so dear to me.
Track Name: Owei Gaia
(Spoken word)
In this Garden of flesh and bone
I dance with the wind at my back.
Waking dreams of all who travel
toward the endless horizon

As we walk through our life's journey
let no one say it's courage we lack.
To dream, to live, to bleed and hunger
for something that gives our lives meaning.

In this Garden of easy living
it's so easy to forget
My Father told me that my music
would only lead me to regret

No, no, no, no, no!
I don't believe it!
No, no, no no, no!

Owei Gaia, hey, Owei Gaia, hey, Owei Gaia
is in my blood.
Owei Gaia, hey, Owei Gaia, hey, Owei Gaia
is in my soul

In the absence of confession
let this music be my voice.
I will not bow down to false visions
so in this moment lies the choice.

No, no, no, no, no!
Well don't be fucking with me, that's so simple!
No, no, no, no, no!
Don't be fucking with me, that's so simple!


(Chorus with cool Viola pad)
(Long Outro with mandolin and Pink Floyd-type build up)
(Viola Solo)
(Outro vamp, jam & fade)
Track Name: Dream of the Sirens
Acoustic Guitar: Craig Olson